My dear students ,
           I would like to give you some plus points at your exam hall ....

1.  Always try to be calm and  stress free ...when answering the exam

2.  Certainly some questions will be strange for you , don't worry about them you go ahead leave them behind.

3.  First do the questions what you know well

4.  When doing a M.C.Q  question , try to find the most suitable answer  out of five , don't try to argue with them.

5.  When doing  Part-2  paper don't waste much time for the structured paper as the marks allocated for it is less than ESSAY .

6.  Start ESSAY TYPE question before you finished the structured essay.

7.  Start to answer all 4 questions  you  selected at the same time , I mean you first write parts of  all 4 questions what you know 
later you can patch up the missings.

8.  Don't waste too much time for a single question .

9.  A very important thing is you MUST try all 4 structured essay and all 4 selected Essays.
as well as you can afford.

10.  Don't forget to write your correct index no and bind your papers together in correct order around  30 minutes before the time is over. 

In shaa Allah you will be able to finish the exam successfully . 👍👍👍

                                                                                                    S.H.A.Moulana BSc

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